In-House Training

24k Retrievers Boarding and Training Programs

24k Retrievers offers training in the following venues: Basic Retriever Training, Obedience, Rally Obedience, Conditioning, Barn Hunt, Confidence building, Dock Diving, Trick Dog Training, Canine Good Citizen, and a Puppy Training Program. We also offer an introductory program if you would like your dog introduced to different venues.

Tuition Fees For Training venues (Rally, Obedience, Basic Hunting Program, Barn Hunt, Lure Coursing, FastCAT Dock Diving) “exceptions” are the Puppy Training Program $1000.00/month and Introductory Program $800.00/month.

$750.00/month for 1 venue

$850.00/month for 2 venues

$1000.00/month for 3 venues

These tuition fees include training and boarding. Additional costs for training supplies differ by venue and our outlined under “additional fees” at the end of this outline. We are happy to feed your dog a premium food for a small fee each month ($30.00/month). Or you are welcome to have your dog’s food and/or any supplements they are on drop shipped to us. Chewy as well as amazon are great choices if you decide to drop ship. Your dog will be in a “rotation” spending time between the indoor/outdoor climate-controlled kennel and inside my home. You will be required to provide monthly heartworm prevention as well as a Flea/tick preventative for your dog while it is here at 24k Retrievers. If you do not, we will provide both for an additional fee. We use Heartguard Plus and Simparica.
24k Retrievers will show your dog for you in Performance venues if you would like us to. You will be responsible for all entry fees and a handling fee. 24k Retrievers will make entries for you if you provide us with a copy of the registration, credit card number, or quick reimbursement via paypal for entry fees. Traveling expenses will be divided among all dogs shown. If I show 4 dogs expenses will be divided by 4. Travel expenses consist of FUEL and ACCOMMODATIONS only.

Brief Description of Training Programs

Introductory and Exploration Program – My philosophy on dogs and their abilities “Every dog is good at something … not All dogs are good at everything” under this program we will spend one month with your dog exploring several different venues. We will clicker train your dog, introduce them to obedience, rally, dock diving, barn hunt, and ducks. At the end of one month we will have a consult and discuss the venues your dog excelled at and showed a natural desire instinct in. In my opinion this is the best option to try to ensure your dog’s future is an “enjoyable” success. We will be completely honest with you, if your dog shows no desire or lack of desire in certain venues we will inform you. We want your dog to succeed but we also want your dog to enjoy its journey here at 24k. Fee for intro program $800.00

Basic Retriever Training – Basic Retriever Training takes a minimum of three months (usually a 5 to 6 month program) Includes basic obedience for retrieving purposes, single marks on land and water, introduction to decoys, easy doubles, and lots of marks. For competition purposes this program will prepare your dog for an AKC Junior Hunter Title and/or an UKC Started Hunting Title. Keep in mind every dog is different and every dog progresses at different rates. We will keep you informed on your dog’s progress and do an assessment after one month. Not every dog is cut out to be a gun dog. If your dog shows no instinctual desire for retriever work we are not the trainers to force it on your dogs. We will discuss all options at the completion of one month’s training. Tuition plus bird fees

Competition Obedience – 24k Retrievers offers a Boarding and Training program for Competition Obedience. We can train and show your dog for you to obtain the following obedience titles. Beginner Novice, Pre-Novice, and Novice. Each level (title) will take a minimum of one month with novice typically taking a minimum of 2 months.

Competition Rally Obedience – 24k Retrievers offers a Boarding and Training program for competition Rally Obedience. We can train and show your dog for you to obtain the following Rally Obedience titles. Rally Novice, Rally Intermediate, Rally Advanced, and Rally Excellent. Each level (title) will take a minimum of one month (usually a 2-month program for each level.)

Trick Dog Training – The American Kennel Club has now recognized the trick dog program. This is an AKC title earning program in which the dogs are required to learn a minimum of 10 tricks. The dogs must perform each of the 10 tricks twice in front of a Licensed trick dog evaluator. There are multiple levels in the Trick Dog Program Beginning with the novice level. Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, etc. Most dogs can be trained 10 tricks in one month’s time. Not only is this an opportunity to earn another AKC title for your dog but these are great confidence building exercises.

Canine Good Citizen – All dogs who pass the 10-step CGC test may receive a certificate from the American Kennel Club. 1. Accepts friendly stranger 2. Sits politely for petting 3. Appearance and Grooming 4. Out for a Walk 5. Walking through a crowd 6. Sit, Down, Stay in place 7. Coming when called 8. Reaction to another dog 9. Reaction to distractions 10. Supervised Separation.

Conditioning – Here at 24k Retrievers we take canine conditioning very seriously. We will put together a canine conditioning program for your dog. The body of a canine athlete should be physically toned to enable him to perform and excel in whatever sport or task required of him. There are four basic components to a canine conditioning program: nutrition, strength training, endurance training, and event training. Fitness is important for a number of reasons that will benefit the canine athlete:

*Proprioception / Rear End Awareness
*Ability to judge distance and adjust stride
*Diminished fear of motion under foot

We have the appropriate conditioning tools to get your dog in its best physical condition, jog a dog, fit paws equipment, 1-acre pond for swimming, 5-acre pasture, canine ladders, etc. Your dog will be clicker trained throughout our conditioning program. Our canine conditioning program duration completely depends on the condition of your dog at the time it joins us. Minimum of one month stay. (usually 2-month program)

Barn Hunt Training – The purpose of Barn Hunt is to demonstrate a dog’s vermin hunting ability in finding and marking rats in a “barn-like” setting, using straw/hay bales to introduce climbing and tunneling obstacles in the dog’s path. Barn Hunt events may be held indoors or outdoors.

Any breed or mix breed of dog 6 months of age or older who can fit through an 18″ wide by bale-height tall (approximately 20″-22″) tunnel constructed of straw/hay bales is eligible to enter a Barn Hunt trial. The sport tests speed, agility, hunt drive, scenting ability, sure-footedness and control and responsiveness to handler direction. Barn Hunt is a sporting event, and as such there are levels of difficulty, placements, titles, and championships. We would test your dog for instinct if your dog has the instinct we can train and trial your dog for you in this fast-growing venue. We could obtain the following titles for your dog RATI, RATN, and RATO. Each level (title) will take a minimum of one month.

Puppy Training Program – (age 8 weeks to 6 months) This program will provide your puppy with a solid foundation. At 24k Retrievers all puppies will be clicker trained using shaping and capturing training methods. In this program your pup will learn the following skills: crate training, house breaking, sit, and down. We will introduce your puppy to all of the following; birds, scent work, equipment to build confidence, and water if the weather permits. This is an intense program in which your puppy will live in my home with me and my pack. During this time your puppy will be constantly learning, growing its confidence and building the foundation for a great work ethic which will be very helpful if you plan on pursuing more advanced training in the future. I will also provide you with video updates of your puppy’s progress. This is a minimum of two-month program the fee for this program is $1000.00/month.

Agility Training – To have a dog trained and ready to compete successfully in agility takes a very large span of time. More time than a board and train program usually consist of. For this reason, I generally do not take dogs in to our train and board program for agility training. However, I am willing to discuss with you on an individual basis’s options for agility training. In some cases, if the dog has agility training and needs a tune up on particular skills (contacts, weaves, distance work, etc.) these would be things we could discuss. We do offer group agility classes on a weekly basis at 24k Retrievers and offer one-hour private agility lessons.
Confidence/Behavioral Training – some dogs need a little help in the area of confidence. This training takes time, patience, compassion, and skill. I have discovered working with these dogs using the following methods works best: clicker training along with shaping, capturing, and a small amount of luring. These dogs will need several training sessions a day “once” they have become acclimated with my home. This program does not have a set time frame. We will need to discuss each dog individually and I can “try” to give an estimate on the time, however I cannot guarantee a time with this specific training. Some dogs for varying reasons may/may not be able to have their confidence issues completely resolved.

Dock Diving – we will take the necessary precautions while introducing your dog to the fun sport of dock diving. We have a regulation sanctioned NADD (North American Diving Dog) pool at our facility. We host 4 NADD trials here every year. We had the pleasure of training and qualifying 5 dogs for the NADD championships last year. Your dog will be introduced to the dock, swimming, the ramp, and jumping off the dock in a safe manner taking all precautions to ensure your dog’s comfort. As with most sports with dogs some dogs may take very quickly to this sport while others may take some time.

Additional Fee’s

*Handling Dog in ring $15.00 per class per venue
*Bonus for title earned $25.00 per title earned
*Food if we feed your dog’s our food $30.00/month
*Bird Fee if your dog is here for field training $25.00/month
*Pool maintenance Fee if your dog is here for Dock Diving Training $15.00/month
*Rat and Hay fee if your dog is here for Barn Hunt training $15.00/month
*Heartguard Plus if heartworm medication is not sent with your dog $20.00/month
*Simparica if your dog is not sent with enough flea/tick prevention for the entirety of their stay $25.00/month
The Fine Print
24k Retrievers cannot guarantee a time frame on training and placing titles on dogs. The above time frames given are estimates. As much as we try to stick to our schedules of trials and competitions we attend and host, the primary goal of keeping the dog’s entrusted to our care will always take precedence over all things. We have no control over things that could cause us to cancel, miss or reschedule training, trails and competitions such as severe weather (hurricanes, tornadoes, etc) the presence of communicable diseases such as kennel cough, etc. In these unusual circumstances, we will do our best to reschedule in a timely fashion and will not charge our handling fees for any missed competitions due to events beyond our control, however we do not refund entry fees in this instance. Any refund requests would need to be directed to the superintendent or organizer of the event. We will explore all venue/venues you are interested in us pursuing with your dog. Once we have been given time with your dog to introduce your dog to the venues we will try to come up with a time frame for your dog. We here at 24k want to make your dog’s training experience fun, exciting, and enjoyable. Low stress, low pressure = Happy confident dogs!