24k Diving Dock Rules/Regulations

You will be required to sign our waiver and liability release form. Also, all dogs are required to have the following core vaccinations and be able to provide us with copies for our records. DHLPP, RV, Bordetella vaccinations.

If you have a reactive dog and choose to participate in any Dock Diving activities here at 24k Diving Dogs you will be responsible for keeping your dog under your control at ALL times. Feel free to use a basket muzzle if you like. Keep ample space from all other dogs. IF your dog lunges or causes any reactive incident you will be invited to leave and forfeit any or all monies due to 24k Diving Dogs. We want all dogs to enjoy the sport of diving dogs however we must keep the sport safe for everyone and every dog. If you have a reactive dog take measures to keep your dog out of any incidents so that it can enjoy the sport as well.

Pool Rental, you must have taken the pool introduction course from us, a class, or a private lesson prior to renting our pool. Time rentals run in 25 or 55 minute intervals to allow time to vacate the pool area for the next rental. Maximum of 4 dogs for any rental session.

Pool/Dock Rental does NOT include the use of the air retriever rig. This is only included in Air Retrieve Classes or Private Lessons.

Cancellation policy – You must cancel a minimum of 48 hours in advance or entire rental fees will be due to 24k Diving Dogs.

Rain policy – Our weather is known to shift within minutes. Generally, rentals, lessons, and classes will be held during light rain. If there is lightning in the area everything is cancelled or delayed.

Use of prong and choke collars are allowed on the grounds but must be removed prior to entering the dock. Please keep a 5 foot buffer between dogs, this is a very exciting sport dogs can get over stimulated and become reactive.

Please pick up ALL of your dogs accidents, failure to do so will result in you being asked to leave the grounds and forfeiting any monies owed 24k Diving Dogs.

Please email destiny@24kretrievers.com or text Destiny at (850)321-1322 to make reservations. Once reservation is made with me please submit payment via PayPal using the following link to secure your reservation:
Use “send money to a friend” or the link above, DO NOT choose goods or services! If I’m assessed a fee you will be responsible for reimbursing me the fee.

We will be offering a variety of Diving Dog Classes too in the near future. Please visit our Facebook page for updates and future announcements.

We have taken great care and a lot of time providing you with a safe, and beautiful diving dog pool. Please take care in helping us maintain and keep it the clean, safe, excellent facility it is.