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Destiny and Gil Martel II
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Training and Boarding Contract
(Click here to download a printable contract form.)

Owners Name ___________________________________ Email _______________________________  Date ______

Street Address __________________________ City _______________  State ________ zip __________

Home/cell phone ________________________________ Emergency Contact _____________________________

Pets Name __________________________________________ Breed _________________________________

Age _____________ Medical Conditions __________________________________________________

Sex   Male ________ neutered _______ Female ____________ Date due to come in season____________

Veterinarian __________________________________ phone number _______________________

Consent to treat in case of emergency or illness – All costs paid by owner

Owner’s signature _______________________________________

DHLPP date given _______ Rabies date given ___________canine influenza date given ________

Bordetella date given _____________________  vaccine record provided ____________

Heartworm  Prevention ________________________ date last given _________________

Flea/Tick Prevention __________________________ date last given _________________


Feeding instruction:  Include amount and any medications or supplements.


I agree to pay a monthly fee of $_____________ 24k Retrievers for the training of my dog. I will pay for the first month of training, prior to leaving my dog with 24k Retrievers. I agree to pay for each month my dog is in training in advance. I understand each month’s training fee is to be paid ON OR BEFORE the date the dog was left with 24k each month. I understand that if payment is not made on or before the due date I will be charged a 25.00 late fee. I understand the monthly fee only covers training and boarding.  Any medicines your dog may need while at 24k Retrievers can be administered free of charge but must be provided by the dog’s owner. Other expenses may include but are not limited to, veterinary care, travel to and from the vet, additional fees outlined in programs description, travel and accommodations to trials as well as entry fees. You will be required to provide monthly heartworm prevention as well as a Flea/tick preventative for your dog while at 24k Retrievers or 24k Retrievers will provide both for an additional fee each month.

I understand I will need to provide proof that my dog is up to date on all vaccinations when I drop him/her off. I understand I will be billed extra for any vaccinations needed while my dog is at 24k Retrievers, as well as transportation fees if a trip to the vet is required.

I understand that while training at 24k Retrievers my dog will be swimming, running, and conditioning on a daily basis which can be hard on their skin, coat, and ears (hot spots, ear infections, etc. can occur).  We will make every effort to prevent this from happening however with this level of intense training things can happen.

I agree to pay for any damage caused by my dog to 24k’s property while my dog is at 24k. (ex. Dog Doors, Dog Cots, etc)

I also understand if my dog becomes aggressive towards other dogs, he will need to be pick up immediately from 24k.  We have ALL dogs on a rotation (in the house/in the kennels) and all dogs must be dog friendly.   If your dog has issues with other dogs this will need to be discussed prior to drop off.  IF it’s possible to make arrangements and an exception we will but this needs to be arranged prior to drop off!

I understand that the results of training depend in large part on the capabilities of my dog and results are not guaranteed. A monthly progress report will be given to evaluate my dog’s progress. I understand the risk involved for my dog while training and while being boarded at 24k Retrievers.  We agree to exercise due and reasonable care and keep our facility sanitary and properly enclosed. We cannot guarantee that there will be no contact with snakes or alligators, we will do everything reasonable to eliminate that risk.  All animals are fed per owner’s instructions and housed in a clean safe environment. All animals are boarded or otherwise handled or cared for by us without liability on our part for loss or damage from disease, death, running away, theft, fire, earthquake, flood, injury to persons, other dogs or property by said animal or other unavoidable causes, due diligence and care having been exercised I understand that it is possible for dogs to sustain injuries causing permanent damage and even resulting in death while training or being boarded. I will not hold 24k Retrievers responsible in any way should my dog become ill, get injured or die while in the care of 24k Retrievers. I understand that when this contract refers to 24k Retrievers it includes Destiny Martel, Gilfred R. Martel II, Marie Blevins, any person, property or device owned by, being used by, or associated with 24k Retrievers.

Name (print)_____________________________________________________________

Name (sign)____________________________________________ Date _____________